Mission・Value・Guiding Principals

What we care


We make the world's medical care borderless, and deliver it to everyone.

We make the world's health care borderless.
Instead of simply importing and exporting the world's cutting edge medical care, we strive to create a world that transcends borders and language barriers, where people can equally receive necessary medical care anywhere in the world.
We deliver to everyone.
To the people in various positions (from those who fly around overseas to those who live in rural districts), people in various places (around the world), we work while placing importance on feelings of consideration imagining about every single person.


Consideration-Driven Company

Consideration = possess an outward vector

It's not about ourselves -- it's about the team.
All the members work toward high goals that cannot be achieved just by themselves. Let us help each other and work in unity.
It is not about competitos--It is about our clients.
The original purpose of the work is not to compete, but to solve our clients' problems. Let us think about our services and provide value by facing them who are our clients and not competitors.
Think long term -- not short.
Let us work not just for the results right in front of us, but for what adds value to the future.

Guiding Principals

Stretch - Do not be afraid of failures, and exceed expectations -

We are not afraid of failures, and we will boldly confront with the unknown areas and reckless challenges.
To challenge what no one has done could be scary, hard, tough, and at times we may fail and embarrass ourselves.
But still, we continue to challenge it without fearing the risk, and without being satisfied with the status quo because it will lead to a significant growth.
We believe that by continuing to learn from many failures, we can achieve what exceeds everyone's expectations.

Superior-Let us think scientifically, act quickly, and follow through persistently-

We consider science as the solid foundation for decision-making.
It is because we are involved in health care, and we believe that scientific evidence is crucial.
We also adopt scientific method in the process leading up to our decision-making.
Collecting facts and data, explaining with numbers, and repeating hypothesis and verification at high speed -- these make up the speediest way to arrive at the correct answer.
And we believe that never giving up accomplishing what we aim for is the right way to success.

Sozo-Imagine and be thoughtful about everyone -

Our clients, end consumers, business partners, employees, stockholders, family members and everyone else -- we consider them all and take actions.
It is very difficult to imagine every person and act thoughtfully for them, since we al have different values and common sense.
We believe that always being humble and to respect others, and to stay open-minded without adhering to our own ways of thinking are the essential key to imagining about and being considerate of all people.